Ice Fire (Fantasy)

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The Author of Ice Fire is Chris D’Lacey and the copyright year is 2006.

I rate this book a five star book because it was a very interesting book that drew my attention and I couldn’t stop reading it.

This main character name is David Rain and he lives in a town called Scrubbly.  The reason why he came to Scrubbly is because he needed a house to stay in and he found a house that is near his college so he decided to stay there.  Liz his Landlady gave him a special dragon named Gadzooks.  When Liz and her daughter Lucy went to the market to sell dragons.  When they were gone David asked his friend Zanna to bring a book over to his house that was about squirrels.  When David and Zanna heard a car door shut David asked her to leave right then.  After Zanna left he meet someone called Aunty Gwenth and during there conversation Liz and Lucy showed up.  As Liz was coming to the door she said,”Come in Aunty Gwenth.”

A question I have for the author is what is the meaning of the icefire and why did Gwilanna want Grockle to eat a lock of Liz’s hair?

A connection with another book is when all the dragons where in the Dragon’s den and where planning an attack plan(Ice Fire) the comparison that I made is with a book called Warriors is when all the war cats were the leaders den planning an attack plan on another clan.


Mockingjay (Fantasy)

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Author: Suzanne Collins

Published: 2010

Rating: I would rate this book a five star book because I couldn’t put this book down from the start.

Summary: This book is about a young girl named Katniss Everdeen.  She has to go on a television show called the hunger games, which is people fighting for their lives to win by killing all the other contestants in the game except their partner.  When Katniss is chosen again with her other partner Peeta they have to go back to the hunger games.  This type of Hunger games happens only every 25 years.  It’s when all the winners join together to try to destroy each other.  When this happens an uprising is created when other people leave with out dying.  This uprising is against the capital and the president of the capital who hosts the hunger games.  Their first objective was to make Katniss the mocking jay of the clan and that worked out well and second objective was to have all the districts conquered to uprise against the capital.  WHen the time comes Katniss is put on the spot to kill the president of the capital but instead she kills the leader of the uprising districts.



Author: Margi Preus

Published: 2010

Rating: I would rate this a five star book because it was when there was the Tokugawa Shogunate.

Summary: This book is about a young boy named Manjiro who was on a small fishing boat fishing in the sea and was swept away by a storm.  They at sea for many days until a small island came into view.  When they arrived on the island they immediately searched for shelter and found a small cave to fit the whole crew of 5 men.  They had to eat albatrosses and small turtles each day to keep themselves alive.  After weeks of living on that island a whaling ship found them on this island and took them as part of their own crew.  Their was one crew member Manjiro disliked and his name was Jolly and they went out in the same harpooning boat as he was.  Manjiro learned how to read and write in english and soon he became the captains son of the John Howland.  Manjiro had lived a rich life with the Whitefields on a nice farming house where could ride his own horse to ride on the farm.  When Manjiro went to California with a former friend to find gold because it was during the gold rush.  Manjiro had worked hard and found a little piece of gold at the bottom of a riverbank.  He went back to Oahu to find his friends to bring them home with him but only 3 out of 5 went back with him to Japan.

Questions: Why didn’t you tell more about Manjiro’s home when he went back to Japan?

Connections: I can relate this book to Samurai’s tale because it was during the Tokugawa Shogunate.

Smile (Graphic Novel)

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Author: Raina Telgemeier
Published: 2010
Rating:  I would rate this book around 5 stars because it was very good and had me hooked when I started to read it.
Summary: This book is about a young girl named Raina who is in middle school.  When Raina went over to her friends house  and was coming from her friends house they had a race to Raina’s house and when Raina was running she tripped on a tree root and damaged her two front teeth.  When her Dad came out to get her from outside she was in shock of what had happened.  The next day her Dad and Mom went out to find her two front teeth but they only found one when they were looking for them.  When her Mom took her to the orthodontist he found the other tooth fused to her jaw.  Raina had to get braces and headgear to help fix her teeth but it didn’t work either so he gave her two fake front teeth on a retainer.  After four years of work Raina’s two front teeth were finally fixed.
Questions:  Why didn’t you make the story longer and give it more time to explain more about Raina?
Connections: I can relate this book to Halo because when Halo was young she broke her arm and had to have it fixed but Raina had to have teeth fixed instead.

Killer Pizza (Horror)

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Author: Greg Taylor

Copyright: 2009


Rating: I would rate this book a 5 star book because it had a hook to it at the very beginning and the book kept having you want to come read even more until you’ve finally finished the book.

Summary: This book is about four teenagers getting a job at a pizza shop that is actually a monster training fighting recruiting place.  When they are shown a guttata which is a fierce and large monster they are terrified at the first sight of it  when the director said it was just a baby.  When they encounter the first group of guttatas which are in human form that they must fight to save a real human being that the guttatas are going to hit while the boy is unconscious.  When Harvey and the three teenagers come to fight them off  one is bitten while in combat but is cured because a bit can make you become a guttata.  When  the day of the feast comes which is when the Alpha male feeds his tribe his saliva Harvey and his group must come in to kill it or the clan lives longer with more of a chance of overtaking the world.


A question I have for the author is why didn’t you make any other monsters in the book than just the guttata?

Anything But Typical

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Genre: Realistic Fiction

Author: Nora Raleigh Baskin

Published: 2009

I rate this book 3 stars because it really just bored me to death after I went past the hundredth page.  It could use some major improvements such as make a bit more exciting and making Jason more enthusiastic.

Summary: This book takes place in Weston,Connecticut and is about a 12-year old boy who’s  name is Jason Blake and is autistic.  Jason loves to write and started at the age of four years old when his father put the alphabet above his computer in his room.  When he installed a writing website called storyboard where he mets girl named Rebecca and calls her his girlfriend.  He often is picked on at school because he is autistic but the only person that is his friend in school is a boy named Aaron.  When he gets news that he is going to the storyboard convention in Dallas,Texas.  When Jason meets Rebecca at the storyboard convention his mom is questioning her  asking who she is Jason doesn’t do anything for her or even answer.

Questions: 1.  You should of made it a bit more enthusiastic.

Connections: I can relate this book to Harry Potter because at first Harry doesn’t fit in at all kind of being like a loner and in Anything but Typical because Jason only made a few friends in his school.

MLS League Statistics

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Soccer is a topic that really interests and it was like I was born to right about this topic.  In the game of soccer sometimes you don’t even notice the math in the game.  Anyways here is the statistics for you to look at.
1.  How can soccer create a healthier life for yourself?
2.  How does soccer relate to math? explain

Halo (fantasy)

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This book is written by Zizou Corder and was published in 2010 by Puffin books.

This book is about a girl who is washed ashore on a island in greek and is named Halo.  When she was old enough to see she found out she was on a island with Centaurs.  As she keep getting older she broke her arm on a rock at age 5 and a Centaur came to place the bone back into the correct place.  After that experience Halo wanted to become a healer.  When Halo was out swimming in the ocean one day fishermen saw her and captured and then took her back to the mainland to see what they would do with her.  When they came to consciences they decided that she work their for the rest of her life.  The next she escaped on boat and swam to the mainland from the island she was on.  Then she captured by Spartans as a boy and put into training to war.
A question I have for the author is why did you end it without a war with the Spartans.
I can relate a scene from this book is when Halo left her hometown and the book which also happened when Julie (Julie of the Wolves) left her hometown to live with her Aunt Martha