Ice Fire (Fantasy)

Posted: November 23, 2010 in Book Critic, humanities

The Author of Ice Fire is Chris D’Lacey and the copyright year is 2006.

I rate this book a five star book because it was a very interesting book that drew my attention and I couldn’t stop reading it.

This main character name is David Rain and he lives in a town called Scrubbly.  The reason why he came to Scrubbly is because he needed a house to stay in and he found a house that is near his college so he decided to stay there.  Liz his Landlady gave him a special dragon named Gadzooks.  When Liz and her daughter Lucy went to the market to sell dragons.  When they were gone David asked his friend Zanna to bring a book over to his house that was about squirrels.  When David and Zanna heard a car door shut David asked her to leave right then.  After Zanna left he meet someone called Aunty Gwenth and during there conversation Liz and Lucy showed up.  As Liz was coming to the door she said,”Come in Aunty Gwenth.”

A question I have for the author is what is the meaning of the icefire and why did Gwilanna want Grockle to eat a lock of Liz’s hair?

A connection with another book is when all the dragons where in the Dragon’s den and where planning an attack plan(Ice Fire) the comparison that I made is with a book called Warriors is when all the war cats were the leaders den planning an attack plan on another clan.


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