Fire Star (Fantasy)

Posted: December 5, 2010 in Book Critic, humanities

This book was published in 2006 and the author is Chris D’ Lacey.

I would rate this a five star book because this book made me not able to put it down and I’d often read it at night.
The main character is David Rain who is trying to stop the the Fain waking Gawain.  As time keeps going Gwilanna kidnaps Lucy and takes her to a cave on the tooth of Ragnar.  When Lucy is sleeping in a secret chamber she found, a female bear enters to protect her from the harsh winter and from Gwilanna.  Gwilanna does this because she thinks when Gawain awakes she can use her as a decoy to calm Gawain down.  When David does to Farlowe Island he finds out that Grockle has gone there to find the last piece of Gawain.  The piece that Grockle is on a mission for is the claw of his father Gawain.  When Grockle is flying back to the Arctic he see’s Zanna but flies forward to save his father from death but it was too late.  When a Fain takes over tootega’s body the Fain uses his gun to shoot Grockle but it was too late because Grockle had already taken flight to enter the Fire Star portal.  When Gawain is sinking to the bottom of the ocean he kills the leader of the bears Ingavar.  When David shows up in the Arctic using Groyone as a time traveler he summons Ingavar’s spirit to attack the Fain but then the Fain kills David with ice spears.  As David is dying his auma level raises because the auma of  Gawain flooded into him.  When David dies his wife Zanna catches his head in her arms and sings a song to him in dragontounge.  When Zanna finally lets go of David Ingavar’s spirit lies by his feet.
A question I have for the author is why did the Fain spear David and not take over his body?
A connection I made with another book is when the Fain spears David I can relate that to a book called Stormrunner, the part that I related it too is when the guy Yassen kills Alex Rider’s last relative.

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