My Side of the Mountain(Realistic fiction)

Posted: January 11, 2011 in Book Critic, humanities

The author is Jean Craighead George and the copyright year is 1988.

I would rate this a four star book because if didn’t make not want to put it down but it didn’t seem as interesting as other books that I’ve read.

This book is about a young boy named Sam Gribley leaves his family and chooses to live in the woods where he finds a tree that marks his grandfathers old farm where he decides to live in a tree and makes a bed.  When he was out in the field picking strawberries he sees a falcon which was carrying food in it’s mouth.  As he climbs up to find where she lives she starts to attack him he starts his descent without noticing the baby falcon Sam too k and named Frightful.  He meets a college teacher named Bando who wants to become friends with him and comes back to visit him in december when his father shows up on christmas day and comments on how good his onion soup is and everything else he made for him.  In the summer his whole family comes to visit him.

Why didn’t you make the book longer and give about when his family comes to visit him.

I can relate Sam leaves to live in the woods (My Side of the Mountain) when Julie decides to live by herself on the Tundra (Julie of the Wolves)


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