Halo (fantasy)

Posted: February 8, 2011 in Book Critic, humanities

This book is written by Zizou Corder and was published in 2010 by Puffin books.

This book is about a girl who is washed ashore on a island in greek and is named Halo.  When she was old enough to see she found out she was on a island with Centaurs.  As she keep getting older she broke her arm on a rock at age 5 and a Centaur came to place the bone back into the correct place.  After that experience Halo wanted to become a healer.  When Halo was out swimming in the ocean one day fishermen saw her and captured and then took her back to the mainland to see what they would do with her.  When they came to consciences they decided that she work their for the rest of her life.  The next she escaped on boat and swam to the mainland from the island she was on.  Then she captured by Spartans as a boy and put into training to war.
A question I have for the author is why did you end it without a war with the Spartans.
I can relate a scene from this book is when Halo left her hometown and the book which also happened when Julie (Julie of the Wolves) left her hometown to live with her Aunt Martha

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