Anything But Typical

Posted: March 2, 2011 in Book Critic

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Author: Nora Raleigh Baskin

Published: 2009

I rate this book 3 stars because it really just bored me to death after I went past the hundredth page.  It could use some major improvements such as make a bit more exciting and making Jason more enthusiastic.

Summary: This book takes place in Weston,Connecticut and is about a 12-year old boy who’s  name is Jason Blake and is autistic.  Jason loves to write and started at the age of four years old when his father put the alphabet above his computer in his room.  When he installed a writing website called storyboard where he mets girl named Rebecca and calls her his girlfriend.  He often is picked on at school because he is autistic but the only person that is his friend in school is a boy named Aaron.  When he gets news that he is going to the storyboard convention in Dallas,Texas.  When Jason meets Rebecca at the storyboard convention his mom is questioning her  asking who she is Jason doesn’t do anything for her or even answer.

Questions: 1.  You should of made it a bit more enthusiastic.

Connections: I can relate this book to Harry Potter because at first Harry doesn’t fit in at all kind of being like a loner and in Anything but Typical because Jason only made a few friends in his school.


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