Killer Pizza (Horror)

Posted: April 19, 2011 in Book Critic

Author: Greg Taylor

Copyright: 2009


Rating: I would rate this book a 5 star book because it had a hook to it at the very beginning and the book kept having you want to come read even more until you’ve finally finished the book.

Summary: This book is about four teenagers getting a job at a pizza shop that is actually a monster training fighting recruiting place.  When they are shown a guttata which is a fierce and large monster they are terrified at the first sight of it  when the director said it was just a baby.  When they encounter the first group of guttatas which are in human form that they must fight to save a real human being that the guttatas are going to hit while the boy is unconscious.  When Harvey and the three teenagers come to fight them off  one is bitten while in combat but is cured because a bit can make you become a guttata.  When  the day of the feast comes which is when the Alpha male feeds his tribe his saliva Harvey and his group must come in to kill it or the clan lives longer with more of a chance of overtaking the world.


A question I have for the author is why didn’t you make any other monsters in the book than just the guttata?


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