Smile (Graphic Novel)

Posted: May 24, 2011 in Book Critic
Author: Raina Telgemeier
Published: 2010
Rating:  I would rate this book around 5 stars because it was very good and had me hooked when I started to read it.
Summary: This book is about a young girl named Raina who is in middle school.  When Raina went over to her friends house  and was coming from her friends house they had a race to Raina’s house and when Raina was running she tripped on a tree root and damaged her two front teeth.  When her Dad came out to get her from outside she was in shock of what had happened.  The next day her Dad and Mom went out to find her two front teeth but they only found one when they were looking for them.  When her Mom took her to the orthodontist he found the other tooth fused to her jaw.  Raina had to get braces and headgear to help fix her teeth but it didn’t work either so he gave her two fake front teeth on a retainer.  After four years of work Raina’s two front teeth were finally fixed.
Questions:  Why didn’t you make the story longer and give it more time to explain more about Raina?
Connections: I can relate this book to Halo because when Halo was young she broke her arm and had to have it fixed but Raina had to have teeth fixed instead.

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